30 Day Book Challenge | Day 9 | A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving – The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

da vinci code



I don’t usually get in on a book when it’s surrounded by hype as more often than not I end up being disappointed (See my opinion on Fifty Shades Of Grey ). I also thought that this book would just be an indictment of the Catholic church, of which I am a member, so it didn’t really appeal to me. So I waited until some of the mania had died down and then curiosity got the better of me so I invested in a copy.

I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out not to be a ‘lets bash the Catholic church’ novel, but more of a statement against religious extremism. OK, so the characters are not very complex, the dialogue is not that well written, and Dan Brown’s research is shoddy to say the least but for an easy-to-read, sat in the garden/on the beach, doesn’t-take-too-much-brainpower summer read, you can’t get much better than this. Following Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu as they unravel the mystery her grandfather threw them in the centre of, they solve riddles, travel to 3 different countries and meet a host of people – some friends, some enemies, this novel is easy reading.

This is certainly one of those books which you will either enjoy, or be frustrated with. If you’re looking for a book that will stimulate the grey matter, just move on. Don’t even bother picking this up. ‘The Da Vinci Code’ tries to be intellectual but as I said, the research is flawed. Accept it for what it is. A great story. Don’t expect too much of it. Just enjoy it. That’s what I did and I found it a most satisfying read.


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