30 Day Book Challenge | Day 11 | A Book You Hated – Haunted Broughton, Tales From The Graveyard Shift by Margaret Langley.



I love anything remotely scary. Especially anything related to asylums/hospitals. I always love the idea of long-dead, mistreated mental patients coming back to get revenge or people being committed and getting possessed or being haunted. Films like ‘House On Haunted Hill’, ‘Death Tunnel’ or ‘Session 9’ and books such as Amy Cross’s ‘Asylum’ both fascinate and terrify me.

But this book…..this book was a huge disappointment. I was expecting chilling stories of ghostly experiences but it just fell flat. The blurb promises “…many unexplained and paranormal events.” But all of these events were totally cliched. Ghost appearing in deserted areas as you drive past then nothing there when you look in the rear view mirror. Walking down a corridor past someone who you think is a member of staff, only to be told later by a colleague that their description matches someone who died long ago. Please! These is like a ‘Goosebumps’ book for children.

I don’t doubt the fact that the author experienced all these things. I do question her decision that these experiences are interesting enough to write a book about. For a researcher or paranormal investigator this book would probably be ideal as it is full of historical information, but for me, it’s nothing special. I wanted scary, can’t-go-to-the-bathroom-alone type stories. These disappointed me.

I kind of feel guilty for saying I hate this book because I expected too much of it. It is what it is.  ‘Haunted Broughton’ was a dull read and for nearly £10 for the Kindle edition, it’s really not worth it.


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