30 Day Book Challenge | Day 12 | A Book You Used To Love But Don’t Anymore – Twilight by Stephanie Meyer



I had to think really hard about this one. Usually if I like a book, my opinion doesn’t change that much over time. I think perhaps the film tainted my view of the book on this occasion. Along with the fact that the ‘Twilight’ franchise is now not considered the cool thing to enjoy.

One thing I have to say though, and don’t tell anyone, this is strictly between you and me. I still secretly like ‘Twilight’.I can appreciate the point that people make about Bella being a terrible role model and I have to agree that Edward does come across as a creepy stalker. Watching people sleep – who does that?! That’s right. Creepy stalkers.

I’ve never been able to relate to Bella. Long before Kristen Stewart’s diverse range of facial expressions in the films, I found her character in the books to be really annoying. She’s this strong, opinionated girl but when it comes to Edward she turns into mush. The whole story is kind of a cliche really. New girl in town catches the eye of a dark and brooding guy. Guy cannot stay away from girl. Girl is attracted to guy. “Oh no, we can never be together, we’re too different.” “But I love you.” “I’m dangerous.” Something bad happens to girl. Guy rescues her. Kissy, kissy. I love you. Let’s make a go of it. Bleurgh!

I found the other members of the Cullen family to have really interesting back-stories and thought they were much more complex than Edward and Bella. I could have read a novel Just about Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet or Carlisle and Esme. I was especially in love with the coupling of Alice and Jasper. Yes, I loved their love story but hated Edward and Bella’s. Go figure.

So I don’t hate the books. It’s an ‘uncool’ opinion, I know. I can just appreciate other peoples criticisms more now. And now that I’ve read much higher quality YA books, I can see the flaws in Mayer’s work. This is a really confusing post, I know. One minute I’m saying I don’t really like it and the next I’m saying I do. I guess that’s just how ‘Twilight’ makes me feel. You sort of know it’s not very good but you watch it anyway and secretly enjoy it.


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