30 Day Book Challenge | Day 13 | Your Favourite Author – Amy Cross.

First of all, let me include a link to Amy Cross’s blog here and her Goodreads page here.


Her profile on Goodreads states that she “writes serial fiction in a number of genres, mainly focusing on horror and fantasy. Books include The Girl Who Never Came Back, Asylum, The Night Girl and The Dead & the Dying.”

I have only read two of Amy Cross’s books – ‘Asylum’ and ‘The Night Girl’ – and both of them gave me chills. I love a good horror book and Cross is certainly proficient in writing them. I think having only read two of her books and naming her as my favourite author speaks volumes about her writing talent. Cross is capable of creating suspense, terror and mystery in her novels, the likes of which I have never read before.

Her books consistently receive fantastic reviews on Goodreads with most of them averaging a rating between four and five stars.  My favourite of the two I have read is ‘The Night Girl’. The protagonist, Juliet, is a very disturbed young lady and the ending had a twist that I would never have expected. It kept me on edge from first page to last and as the mysterious character of Jennifer Mathis was explored, I had no idea what was to come.

‘Asylum’ is a chilling novel about Annie Radford, sent to a psychiatric hospital and placed under the care of the dangerous Nurse Winter. I love anything to do with asylums or hospitals and this is one of the better novels in that genre.

I would recommend Amy Cross to any reader interested in paranormal, horror or fantasy books. She has a way of writing that will leave you with goosebumps. Even if you are not usually a fan of the horror or fantasy genres, please consider giving Amy Cross a go as you might just be converted by the quality of her storytelling. I have many more of Cross’s books on my ‘To Be Read’ list and I cannot wait to get my teeth into them.



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