30 Day Book Challenge | Day 19 | Favourite Book Turned Into A Movie – Girl Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (Movie Directed by James Mangold).


I have chosen this particular cover despite it not being the original one as it ties into the film.



Quite often I feel like films don’t do the books justice. I found this to be the case with ‘Beautiful Creatures’ and ‘Divergent’. Usually I try to read the book first and then see the film and I would recommend that anyone do this so that their view of the book is not tainted by a less than fantastic film. I broke my own rule with ‘Girl Interrupted’ though, seeing the film before reading the book.

Despite the film being released in 1999, I only watched it for the first time in 2013. I had been intending to watch it for a few years but never got around to it as I’m not the greatest fan of Jolie’s acting. However, her portrayal of Lisa in this film is intense and fabulous. I was sad to hear that Susanna Kaysen wasn’t happy with the film and had accused James Mangold of adding “melodramatic drivel” by including scenes that had not happened in the book (like when Susanna and Lisa ran away together). I get why she felt that way and I would have preferred it had Mangold stuck to the book. As well as including things that didn’t happen, he excluded things that did happen. I really think that the film would have benefited from the inclusion of Lisa Cody as we would have gotten to see the coldness of Lisa Rowe when she claims to have really made Cody a drug addict. I love how the character of Daisy Randone transferred onto film. Brittany Murphy (RIP) did a fantastic job and came across exactly how Kaysen described in her book and Winona Ryder was just perfect as Susanna.

I know that I probably shouldn’t disagree with Kaysen about the film as it is her book, her story and her experience. However I think the film showed the struggle of someone diagnosed with borderline personality disorder very well (speaking as a fellow ‘borderline’). I also enjoyed the camaraderie that Mangold created between the girls on the ward and can confirm that is actually how it usually is on a psychiatric unit (I’ve been in 4!) There may have been differences between the book and film but I think they are both equally wonderful. Sure, the film isn’t factually accurate but nothing stood out as being ‘wrong’ like it shouldn’t have been there. I’m not saying the film is better than the book – the book is amazing – but they compliment each other well.


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