30 Day Reading Challenge | Day 24 | A Book You Wish More People Would Have Read – The Night Girl by Amy Cross.

the night girl

I just have to say, if you are planning on reading this book DO NOT read the synopsis on Goodreads! It totally gives away the ending. Silly Goodreads, shame on you!



love the horror genre. Books, films, Creepypasta, short stories, The S.C.P Foundation, anything horror related! While browsing the ‘horror’ section on my Kindle, I came across another one of Amy Cross’s books, ‘Asylum’. (Yeah, I am also obsessed with anything to do with mental hospitals). When I had finished Asylum, which is also excellent, I checked out some of her other titles and ‘The Night Girl’ jumped out at me. Technically, this book, and ‘Asylum’ are a series of shorter books that make up single, longer stories. You can buy the books separately on Kindle but to be honest, why would you when you can just get the whole thing in one? Anyway, whatever, that doesn’t matter.

So…..’The Night Girl’. Wow! This is definitely one of the best horror/psychological books I have ever read. The main protagonist is Juliet, a young woman who is encouraged by her father to get a job and is taken on as a night girl to assist the night nurse in an elderly persons care home called Crestview. We are told that one of the previous night workers had committed suicide in the shower room on one of the four wards of the home and now that ward has it’s doors chained up and is abandoned. Juliet is befriended by a lady called Jennifer Mathis, who makes her come to realise things about herself that perhaps she wishes had remained hidden. We are also told the story of an 11 year old Juliet, a child with emotional issues, living with her single father. The end of ‘The Night Girl’ has a plot twist that I never saw coming. It is the twistiest twist ever! (Apart from the twist at the end of ‘This Is The Water’ by Yannick Murphy- that one takes the cake!)

This book is one that I literally could not put down. I was staying in the hospital with my 3 year old son at the time I was reading it and I think I stayed up until about 4:30am one night just so I could finish it. It is, along with ‘Asylum’, one of the longer books I have read but saying that, I was never bored while reading it. Yes, there are countless grammatical and spelling errors and some of the plot points are far-fetched to say the least but there was never a lull in the action and I didn’t feel like any words were wasted. It kept my interest all the way through. It makes me sad that more people haven’t heard of Amy Cross. Look her up and check out some of her stories if you’re into the horror genre.


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