30 Day Book Challenge | Day 26 |Your Favourite Short Story – A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home by Jason Arnopp.




So, as you may or may not have read already on this blog, I love anything creepy…..love it. This short story/novelette/whatever is written as a letter from the previous owner of your house to you, the current owner. That is absolutely genius in my opinion and is what made this story extra-super-mega scary. I mean, it takes place in your home. Can you imagine ‘Insidious’ or ‘Sinister’ or something like that taking place in your house?! I know…..I would cry/pee my pants.

Even the blurb scares me –

“Dear friend,

This is no chain letter, hoax or prank.

It is a sincere warning about your home and the entity which dwells within.

Your home has been haunted for quite some time.

I am sorry that I could not personally deliver this document. I did not even post it myself. The postmark on the envelope will not help you, should you ever attempt to locate me.

When this letter is complete, I shall entrust a friend in another country with repackaging and sending it on my behalf. This letter also may or may not have been translated from its original language.

You do not know me. You must never know me.

Neither do I know you, beyond your name, address and appearance. I have seen you in person but you have not seen me.

Think back to the day that you moved into your home. I contrived to casually pass by as you stood outside. I saw your face, but you did not so much as glance my way. I did not stop walking. I simply committed your face to memory and moved on before you became aware of my presence.

Why did I want to see you?

I suppose my conscience drove me to it. Just as it compels me to finally write this letter.

I wanted to see exactly who I was passing the entity on to.”

This story literally stayed with me for days. I would not go to bed alone. Waking up in the middle of the night scared the hell out of me (if you read the story it will become clear why). I think this story, with a bit of padding out and adding meat to the bones would make a great film. A real ‘hiding your face behind a cushion’ type of film. My favourite kind! 😀

Anyway, enough of me pretending I’m Steven Spielberg and let me tell you a little bit about the plot of this story. It is, as I said, a letter to you, the current occupier of your house and it is a warning from the previous occupier about this so called ‘entity’ kind of ghost-type thing that is in your house with you. I can’t say too much without giving a lot of the story away but as it says in the blurb, the previous owner has passed the entity onto you in order to rid himself of it. (What a thoughtful housewarming gift, right?) That part of the story – the whole ‘having to pass it onto somebody else to escape it’ type thing reminded me of ‘The Ring’ and various different things in the story remind me of a host of different films. There’s elements of ‘The Grudge’, ‘The Ring’ and a few others.

Please do give this story a try. It costs less than £1 on the Kindle store so you can’t really go wrong if you want a short, fast-paced, terrifying read.


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