30 Day Book Challenge | Day 27 | Favourite Female From A Book – Beatrice Prior & Malencia Vale.

I love a strong, female protagonist. A feisty female who kicks ass and takes crap from no one. The YA Dystopian genre has plenty of these characters and my two favourites are Beatrice (Tris) Prior, from the ‘Divergent’ trilogy, and Malencia (Cia) Vale, from ‘The Testing’ trilogy. These two ladies are both 16 years old, both forced to undertake a mammoth task to save their respective societies and both of them, whilst not being physically strong, are mentally very assertive, confident and intelligent.

Tris is torn between staying in Abnegation for her parents because it’s the only thing she knows, and the exciting, different, free, Dauntless faction. She chooses to be her own person and regardless of the fact she chose Dauntless, she valued characteristics of all five factions. Tris epitomises the dystopian female protagonist for me. Some may say that honor should go to Katniss Everdeen but honestly, there are so many problems that I have with Katniss, I couldn’t put her first. Tris is loyal to her family and her man. She is brave and selfless and I just love her. Even after everything her brother Caleb did, in the end she…..well, I wont say, in case any of you haven’t read ‘Allegiant’, but if you have, you know what I mean.

Now, ‘The Testing’ is one of my favourite dystopian series and Cia is fantastic. Not only is she intelligent, loyal and kind, she also has extensive mechanical knowledge – something which is stereotypically reserved for male characters. In fact, this is something that I truly love about all dystopian fantasies. There are generally less gender stereotypes. I love how she thinks and how she improvises to get around all the ways in which the University try to monitor them and control them. How she tinkers with her ID bracelet to remove microphones and tracking devices. How she thinks to record her memories. Sets up radios to communicate and signal blockers so she and her allies can move around without being followed.

I also love how both Cia and Tris still have a conscience when it comes to killing people. They will kill only if necessary and it tears them up when they do it. I know this post is meant to be about your one favourite female but I honestly can’t pick between these two kick-ass girls.

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