30 Day Book Challenge | Day 28 | Favourite Male From A Book – Four/Tobias Eaton.

What female Divergent fan doesn’t love Four? Yes, even in the books, before all of the Theo James gorgeousness, Four is strong, intelligent, brave and loyal. I adore how, at first, he is kind of quiet around Tris and although he does little things to protect her, like in the knife throwing scene when he nicks her to prevent Eric from punishing them even more, Tris has absolutely no idea how he feels about her. From day one he is attracted to her even though, as he admits himself, she is not classically beautiful. He loves Tris’s spirit and would lay down his life for her, as she would for him. Some of the things he says to Tris just make me actually jealous of her! Yes, jealous of a completely made up, non-existent girl. 😀 After Tris’s parents are gone and he tells her “I’ll be your family now” my heart just melted.

I’ll admit that in Allegiant, he kind of annoyed me. Continually asking for Tris’s advice and then ignoring her anyway. Everytime he did that, something went wrong! I ended up just shouting at the book like, Tobias, really? Really??  Uriah’s death could have been prevented had he listened to Tris. In my opinion, Tris’s death could have been prevented by him too. He knew what Tris was like. That she still had the Abnegation selflessness. How could he not predict that she would sacrifice herself for her traitor brother, Caleb? In the end though, he redeemed himself in my eyes. The way he mourned Tris and the way he scattered her ashes broke my heart. When he said that “a fire that burns that bright, isn’t meant to last”, I couldn’t stop crying.

So, in conclusion, Four is my book-boyfriend. Step back ladies, hehe 😉


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