One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge Wrap Up/Really Awkward Video.

  1. Jackie thanks for being your natural self. I feel homesick now smile miss the family. I loved Enid too my favorites were the famous five and mystery case series. Helen Keller is the book that changed my life as a Ten year old and opened my eyes to the wealth of stories both true and make believe which found me inside every story I read. I have to agree with you on the 50 shades just by the many comments and sentences by a number of people about the book has put me off even reading it. Let alone watching the movie. My read at the moment is Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeon’s journey into the after life. As you can see I am curious by nature and anything that fits into the inner knowing sixth sense that many women have is where I will be researching. I also have this thirst for learning which means getting myself out there as you have.
    have a great day. Suzanne


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