Book Challenges, Tags & Misc.


The First Book To Beat Me


Guest Posts

My guest post on ‘The Book Corner’, link HERE

The Liebster Award

30 Day Book Challenge Wrap Up Video Here



Day 01 – A Book You Wish You Could Live In

Day 02 – A Book That You’ve Read Again And Again

Day 03 – Your Favourite Series

Day 04 – Worst Film Adaptation Of A Book

Day 05 – A Book That Makes You Happy

Day 06 – A Book that Broke Your Heart

Day 07 – Most underrated Book

Day 08 – Most Overrated Book

Day 09 – A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving

Day 10 – Favourite Classic Book

Day 11 – A Book You Hated

Day 12 – A Book You Used To Love But Don’t Anymore

Day 13 – Your Favourite Author

Day 14 – Your Favourite Author(s) From Your Childhood

Day 15 –  Your Favourite Character Of All Time

Day 16 –  Your Favourite Genre

Day 17 – Favourite Quote From A Book

Day 18 – A Book That Made You Laugh

Day 19 – Favourite Book Turned Into A Movie

Day 20 – Favourite Romance Book

Day 21 – Favourite Book From Your Childhood

Day 22 – Favourite Villain From A Book

Day 23 – A Book You’ve Wanted To Read For A While, But Still Haven’t

Day 24 – A Book That You Wish More People Would Have Read

Day 25 – The Last 5 Books I Bought

Day 26 – Your Favourite Short Story

Day 27 – Favourite Female From A Book

Day 28 – Favourite Male From A Book

Day 29 – The Book You Are Currently Reading

Day 30 – The Book You Plan To Read Next

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