REVIEW – Lush ‘Dashing Santa’ Bath Bomb.

As a recent convert to Lush products, on my first visit to their Preston store I went a little crazy! If you check out my Instagram  (link in the sidebar) you can see a little video of what I purchased. One of the bath bombs I had to have was the adorable ‘Dashing Santa’.


Lush describe it as having a cheerful and uplifting scent of satsumas and their product description says that it contains mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange flower absolute. Of course it is also vegan. There are bits of glitter on his boots but they aren’t noticeable in the bath or on your skin when you get out.

This bath bomb is not my favourite. It’s a slow fizzer (mine took almost 15 minutes to fully dissolve) and the scent, while pleasing, is not very strong. It did leave my skin feeling soft but I did not notice the scent after I had dried off. However, what disappointed me the most was the fact that it didn’t have any fun colours layered through it. It is red all the way through and though you do get a little of the gold colour off of his boots, your water just turns red. I like the fun aspect of bath bombs such as ‘Golden Wonder’, where after the outside has dissolved, you are treated to a rainbow of colours.

Overall, I would recommend this bath bomb as it has a very nice scent and leaves your skin soft and smooth. I would probably say not to buy this if you a looking for a show like you get with ‘Northern Lights’ for example. If you just want a nice smelling soak in the bath but don’t want the scent to linger afterwards because you use a scented body butter or something similar then this is definitely the bath bomb for you. Personally, I don’t think I shall buy this again though, as I do enjoy watching them dissolve and put on a fun colour show.

If you want to watch a demo of this bath bomb then check out my YouTube channel. You’ll find the link at the top of the side bar. 

What is your favourite Lush product?

Jackie x


Memebox Nail Shop #1 – Party Glitters.

For those of you unsure what Memebox is, it is a Korean beauty box and all the brands are from Asia. They deliver worldwide and my boxes came from Seoul to the UK in less than a week. It’s not a subscription box, you just pick a box you like the sound of and order it. All the boxes are themed (I got 3 ‘Nail Shop’ boxes) and they have also done collaborations with YouTube vloggers such as CutiePieMarzia and CoffeeBreakWithDani. I would totally recommend them as the boxes are fantastic value for money.

*Test It Tuesdays* Maybelline Baby Skin.

I’ve decided to start a new beauty series on YouTube called ‘Test It Tuesdays’. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like me to give a first impression on then please comment below or on my video. Thank you for visiting my blog ❤


Beauty Blender First Impression & Review.

I am subscribed to Birchbox and can you imagine how excited I was this month to receive a Beauty Blender with Blender Cleanser Solid (£26 RRP) as one of my products? I had been looking online for months at these and had been arguing with myself about whether a sponge was worth that much money! Everyone has raved on and on about how they are so amazing but I couldn’t justify the price.

I usually use the Benefit ‘Hello Flawless’ powder foundation and hadn’t ever found a liquid foundation (which is essential with the Beauty Blender) that I felt worked with my skin; mostly oily but with occasional dry patches, pink undertones and pale. When I received my Beauty Blender I took myself down to Boots and had myself colour-matched for the first time and it turns out I am the lightest shade – Calico – in their No.7 range. I wanted a medium to full coverage and the advisor recommended their Stay Perfect Foundation (£14.50) which is for all skin types. I had been wanting their Beautifully Matte Foundation (£13.50) which is specifically for oily skin and contains salicylic acid to combat blocked pores but on testing it I felt it was a little heavy for me. 

So please check out my vlog below to see what I thought of the Beauty Blender and how it applied my foundation. The one thing I missed out in my video is that I would have preferred the black Beauty Blender because your foundation will stain, even after cleaning. It’s not a huge deal but I just wanted to add that as I hadn’t washed mine until after filming this so didn’t mention it in the review.

September 2014 Birchbox – Fantastic Contents (IMO).

I was so excited to receive the Beauty Blender! However, my foundation of choice is Benefit’s ‘Hello Flawless’ powder, which obviously cannot be applied with the blender. I may try the liquid ‘Hello Flawless’ or look at a Mac foundation because I’m interested in trying Mac’s concealer too. 

Whichever one I try I shall be sure to film a review of both the foundation, and the Beauty Blender. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you enjoy my videos, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. 


Chanel ‘Taboo’ 583 Nail Polish Review.

This polish is so beautiful! It’s the first real high-end polish I have tried (I’m used to OPI) and I definitely think that this was worth the money. Team it with the Chanel top coat and a good base coat for a long lasting, chip free, high shine mani! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like my videos.