I’m a married Mum of 4 beautiful children. Reading, beauty, shopping and knitting are my passions. I have been reading since I was a little girl. My Nanna used to read books to me all the time and we laughed and cried over them together. Her favorite book to read me was a beautiful but sad story called ‘The Little Match Girl’. It always brought a tear to our eyes.
I was very lucky that my Grandparents would treat me to lots of books and I had the Famous Five collection, Malory Towers and St Clare’s series and most of the Sweet Valley books. My favorite childhood book is ‘The Faraway Tree’.

Nowadays my favorite genres are Dystopian (I love Veronica Roth & Joelle Charbonneau), Horror (Amy Cross is amazing at this genre), Suspense, Young Adult, Chick-Lit and I am open to many more.

If any of you lovely people can think of any books I might enjoy, or have something in mind you would like me to talk about then please go to the ‘About/Contact’ page and drop me a line.


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